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UK-version OpX book


Operational Excellence. Het boek Operational Excellence is nu ook in het Engels beschikbaar.

For all types of organizations, numerous and often conflicting market demands – the frequent delivery of innovative products and services of the highest quality at the lowest price, and with a high level of delivery reliability – pose significant management dilemmas. Organizations are expected to give simultaneous attention to the efficient production and delivery of products and services but also to effective renewal. Apparently, organizations have manage to organize efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously. How do they do that? They do it using Operational Excellence!

Operational Excellence is probably more important than ever. This is true for both industrial organizations and service organizations in the profit and non-profit sector. In many organizations, Operational Excellence is even included in the strategy. But what is it exactly?

This book clearly sets out what Operational Excellence means these days, both for industrial organizations and service organization. The book provides essential tools for implementing OpX successfully in all types of organization. It not only examines the theory and the technology behind OpX, or the differences and similarities between OpX, Lean Management and Six Sigma, it also provides a practical approach to implementing OpX. This contemporary Operational Excellence approach focuses on reducing complexity, variability management and a commitment to short lead times. It is about efficiency and effectiveness. Doing the right things right! That is why the development and realization of a culture of continuous improvement geared for perfection, is just as important as the optimization of processes. [Bestel hier / Order here]